Friday, June 8, 2007

Someone Else is Crazy Enough to do Moby Dick Farce

Cabrero, a new-found friend and apparent kindred soul, has a terrific farcical post on his blog, The Goat Rope, regarding Moby Dick. Those who've been enjoying my posts in a similar vein definitely need to check his out. I recommend the whole site -- it's hilarious, unique, informative, and slanted the right way politically and culturally (that is, of course, my way).

Cabrero also reminded me that,

"The thing about Moby Dick that many people miss is that it is laugh out loud funny, or at least parts of it are."

Quite right, my friend. I have laughed out loud at Starbucks during my daily reads there various times. Melville could range from gently, intellectually farcical to broadly humorous pretty much at will.

Off to Starbucks.


El Cabrero said...

All I've got to say is this:

"Queequeg was George Washington cannibalistically developed."

Harry said...

Cabrero --

I take your point: Melville doesn't need anyone to do farce on him. He does the job quite well himself!