Friday, June 8, 2007

And, Yet Another Thread in the Literary Loom

As if the coincidences of happening upon the Michael Chabon and Goat Rope quotes and posts on Moby Dick weren't enough (see my previous posts this week), I just opened another of my favorite blogs, About Last Night, by Terry Teachout (Wall Street Journal arts critic). At the top level, I find a great Nabakov quote about the deceptive nature of simplicity, and how great writers are complex.

Who does he cite as one of two examples? Take thee a guess, my hearty!

And ahoy, Cabrero! The other example is Tolstoy. Not quite Fyodor, but practically his cousin, eh?

Talk about intertextuality... phew. Again -- everything's connected.

Now, before this blog gets so danged self-referential you can't read it, I better get to generating some real content.


El Cabrero said...

Re Tolstoy. W&P was awesome, but I was ready for A.K. to have that meetup with the train hundreds of pages before it finally happened.

Moby moment:

"Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; I'd strike the sun if it insulted me."

Harry said...

Cabrero, I only know a bit about W&P; I haven't had the guts to tackle that just yet!

Moby moments are so plentiful! How about:

"That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate."

The man had a way with bold statements, eh?