Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not the Top 10, but Definitely the First 10

Okay, so there's a cool meme going around, and I've been waiting for a chance to try one, and because I'm a music addict and maker from way back, I'll surely take this bait. The theme is, "What are the first 10 songs to emerge when you hit "shuffle" on your iPod?"
  1. Eisler on the Go - Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue project: Unfinished lyrics of Woody Guthrie brought to life)
  2. Many Rivers to Cross - Blind Boys of Alabama
  3. Right Hand Man - Joan Osborne
  4. Marie - Randy Newman
  5. Yo Lé Lé - Youssou N'Dour
  6. Wicked Rain - Los Lobos
  7. A Prayer - Suzzy & Maggie Roach
  8. Akwaba - Angelique Kidjo
  9. Watermelon Song - Poi Dog Pondering
  10. Pangs of Love - Bruce Cockburn
I strongly commend just about all of the artists above to your discriminating ear.

Many thanks for the meme theme go to Muffy St. Bernard over at the fun and interesting blog, The Muffyblog.

Please feel free to pick up this meme, either in your own blog, or in the comments section for this post! Just leave a trail!

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