Monday, July 23, 2007

Reader's Survey

It's time for FOSIRS!

That's the First Occasional Statistically Insignificant Reader Survey.

If you have visited Thinkulous more than once or twice, I would really appreciate it if you took part. I could really use your perspective as I ponder the direction of this blog.

It takes less than two minutes. Your contact info is not collected, and all answers are completely anonymous.

Click Here to take survey


Eric Little said...

I would say to continue just as you've been doing--I find all the subjects you write about interesting, from your perspective.

Thinkulous said...

Thank you kindly Eric. Words of encouragement are always appreciated. Life outside the blog (hey, a new acronym: LOB) is very intense right now, but I get so much from writing. It's also something I'm considering doing professionally, so the survey provides a bit of info toward that, too.